On call scheduled Technical support and proactive service

Applyca offers complete service for assistance and maintenance on mechanical, electrical, mechatronic parts, machining centers and machine tools in general.

On call service

We intervene with technical assistance on machining centers and machine tools of all brands. To keep your production downtime as brief as possible. We also guarantee remote assistance for an initial diagnosis. Our specialized technicians are prepared to offer a broad service of mechanical, electrical, mechatronic and software skills. They are specialized and equipped to operate on multiple products of main manufacturers, such as Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, and also other less popular ones such as Selca, ECS, ESA.

In addition, we have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse ready for delivery; thanks to special agreements with the major manufacturers of controls and components, we can quickly find any additional pieces, shipped within 24 hours on the machines under warranty.

Proactive and scheduled service

Because every machine tool purchased, work island or production line is an investment that is maintained over time, we propose ourselves as a partner for maintenance capable of predicting and preventing breakdowns and downtime.

Our scheduled service contracts may include:

  • geometric checks and calibrations
  • performance and functionality checks
  • remote software assistance
  • scheduled maintenance on components subject to wear and high stress
  • retrofit proposals

We work with a proactive attitude, always with anticipation and planning of appropriate actions. The goal is to prevent problems, identify any triggering factors ahead of their time and propose resolving solutions, suitable for extending the life of machining centers and machine tools in general.

Choose a service that’s right for you.


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