Applyca: customized solutions for industrial automation and maintenance

We are partners for companies looking for industrial automation solutions and quality service, with short deadline times and affordable costs.

A multidisciplinary team that loves challenges

We are a multidisciplinary team integrating numerous specialist skills: from robotics to lasers, from PLC, CNC and HMI software to vision systems, from mechanics to hydraulics, from the design of electrical panels to pneumatics. In addition to all this, we specialize in industrial machinery maintenance. With the professionalism and knowledge acquired in technical assistance, it provides us ideas for automation designs, in a perfect virtuous circle for identifying decisive and customized solutions for our customers.

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With Applyca, efficiency of your industrial production

We have a single approach to making industrial production efficient, whether it is to automate processes or maintenance.

  1. We thoroughly evaluate the situation and objectives
  2. We find efficient solutions in the present and for the future
  3. We consider the production costs of the client company to reduce them where possible
  4. We aim to minimize the times and costs of our interventions

In our consultancy relationship with our clients, our victory is the customer’s victory, and vice versa

Applyca Shares


We work by carefully setting each project, testing each step, considering times, costs and past and future performances. A method to share.

Initial Analysis

We point out the characteristics of the situation, the disadvantages and the business objectives.

Diverse Skills

Multidisciplinary skills: robotics, lasers, software, vision systems, mechanics, hydraulics

Reduction of production costs

In our interventions we consider how to decrease the production costs of the client company

Always Efficient

We quickly build solutions with efficiency that improves over time

Short Timing

For each project we set clear and reliable deadlines based on the knowledge gained

Affordable Costs

Thanks to gained experience, we carefully calculate the price. The lower production costs do the rest.

We can become partners right away, or get to know eachother better.


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